Probably A Daft Question?

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Probably A Daft Question?

Post by phil8715 »

I've been messing around on my Organiser II, trying to get to grips with the Notepad side of things. Which it seems I think I know what I'm doing, sort of lol.

Anyway I digress, what I want to know is I have a couple of datapaks that are empty, and I believe they've been formatted also. Can I transfer data from the internal Drive A to the empty datapak directly from the organiser II without having to connect a Comms link which I don't have at present because I can't afford to buy one as yet.

Thanks in advance.
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Writing Data to Datapaks

Post by Martin »

Hi Phil

Firstly there are no daft questions when you are just getting started... It's a bit like learning to drive, when you start you imagine that you will never get to grips with it, And when you are experienced you can't understand why others can't do it.

Anyway your datapaks... (I'll answer your question in (4))
(1) When Datapaks are freshly formatted they are 'blank'
(2) When a blank Datapak is first inserted in an Organiser it is 'sized' this is the operating sysyem writing some header information on the pack.
(3) You can see how much space is used on the pack
(3a) On a CM or XP with [Info] gives ??% of the pack used
(3b) ON an LZ [Utils][Info] shows bytes used and a graph showing free space.
(3c) On an LZ you are informed if a pack is write protected.
(4) YES you can write data to a pack
(4a) Recommend that information that changes should be in RAM A:
(4b) Data that doesn't change OR you want to make secure can be written to a pack
(4c) HOW
(4c.1) You can SAVE A: press [MODE} SAVE B:(type information to be saved)[EXE] will be saved to B:MAIN
(4c.2) Data that is stored in memory A: can be copied to a pack
(4c.2.1) CM/XP & LZ [Diary][Save][MODE]B:name
(4c.2.2) CM/XP [Copy]A:data[EXE] to B:data[EXE] (for data files)
(4c.2.3) CM/XP [Prog][Copy]A:name to B:name (for program files)
(4c.2.4) On an LZ [Utiles][Copy]<select file tytpe>From A:filename[EXE] To B:filename
(4c.2.5) On an LZ [Notes]<type information in the notepad> [MODE][Save]Save A:[MODE]Save B:filename[EXE]

The user manuals (here) explain this better than I can in a short thread, especially the use of LZ wildcard characters.

When a pack is 'full' it needs UV light formatting. check (here) for the free Datapak Erasing Service.

Sincerely Martin
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