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34 Minutes and 8 Seconds

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2023 3:42 pm
by Zenerdiode
When I was a kid, before my LZ I had an XP. I was convinced I saw the display flash on and off - it would just catch the corner of your eye - like a rabbit’s white tail flashes when you disturb one in the woods. It wasn’t until I got my LZ and the Tech Ref manual a year or two later and all was explained.

It was a tiny victory, to be vindicated that I wasn’t going daft. For those with the 2-Line machine, the LZ clicks when switching on and off, so you hear (and see) when it does its timekeeping every 2,048 seconds.

34 Minutes and 8 Seconds

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2023 10:37 pm
by Martin
Chris... I can't help smiling at the memory I have about the LZ's we had at College. We had 10 LZ's that the surveying students would use for their site surveys. When transporting them to surveying camp in the minibus we had a small 'old' metal tool box that we carried them in, this metal box acted as an amplifier with regard to wake up clicks. The first year students that didn't know what was in this old metal box would look at it with suspicion as it was clicking and ticking away every couple of minutes.

Thanks for bringing that back to mind

PS How old were you as a kid with a pocket computer?