Calling Organiser II Assembly Language Programmers.

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Calling Organiser II Assembly Language Programmers.

Post by Martin »

I'm cross referencing and archiving some Organiser II 'stuff' for Martin Guthrie (from facebook).

Included is the contents of the Assembler & Debugger v1.2 03-98 Floppy Disk. I'm out of my depth with this so if anyone wants to take a look and comment I'd be able to add those comments to the feedback to Martin.

To wet your appetite this is the contents page of the read_me_doc

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RELEASE V1.2        DATE:   1st February 1988
Files included on this disk:
README.DOC          This Document
XA.EXE              Assembler
XA.MAN              Assembler manual
DBORG.EXE           Organiser debugger
DBORG.MAN           Organiser debugger manual
DBBOOT.BIN          Binary file used by DBORG
DBMAIN.BIN          Binary file used by DBORG
OSHEAD.INC          The main header, includes macros, equ's and #defines
SWI.INC             Include all the SWI's
OSVARS.INC          Includes all the operating systems variables
OSEROR.INC          Includes all the operating system errors
DICT.SRC            Example of assembler code
XDICT.SRC           As DICT but with a 6 byte header to make it a .BIN
BOOT.SRC            The source code for making a pack bootable
The ZIP archive is too large for the forum upload so I've posted a copy with the Technical Reference Manual (here)

I look forward to receiving your comments, especially in regard to if this information is archived elsewhere.

Sincerely and in good faith Martin Reid

PS there are a lot of Martins that have Psion's
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Re: Calling Organiser II Assembly Language Programmers.

Post by amenjet »

This looks very much like some files that I used to test my assembler, so I must have found it somewhere. It may be a different version and so still useful to archive. I think I got the files from this page;

There seems to be multiple versions of XA in that archive so a sort out is probably worthwhile. \i think there was a missing .INC file as well, that I had to make up myself.

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