ASCII codes 128 to 159

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ASCII codes 128 to 159

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Hi, I'm looking to use "£" or ASCII code 156 on the 2 line Psion but codes 128 to 159 are mysteriously missing. Does anyone know the reason for this? Would it be possible to add them in software? I was looking to use in Autoscribe and Comms link to a pc so using UDGs would not be an option. Seems strange to me for Psion to miss out "£" on a UK model and keep some less common characters. I know the LZ has an improved character set but I'd rather use the 2 line model. Does anyone know if it's possible to expand the Psion XP ASCII codes?
Kind regards, David
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Re: ASCII codes 128 to 159

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I’m afraid, David, it’s fairly well known that the CM and XP (and LA) don’t have the £ symbol in their character set. I think one of the demo programs in the user manual shows how to define the UDG for it.

It was the firmware (or even hardware; because I’m not sure if the Hitachi LCD chips define the character matrices) introduced in the LZ that gave us the £ symbol.
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