Where can I find information on the Psion Organiser

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Where can I find information on the Psion Organiser

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As a member suggested perhaps we should have a list of Organiser II repositories...

Dave woolnogh set up (org2.com) in 1996 Jaap Scherphuis joined in 1997. The site became inaccessible and (psion2.org) was launched from this Boris who joined in 2002 evolved the BBS Chat line into the first (yellow) (forum).

The sorcerer (powerful pierre) has had his Psion (eBay store) since August 2000 but has been dealing in Organiser II Stuff since the 1980's

Jaap launched his (Psion II) web site in 2013

Olivier Gossuin's (Hardware) is sill visable so are his (Schematics).

I have salvaged and republished most of the information from ORG2.com and PSION2.ORG (here)

Andrew has some information in a girt hub repository (here) and his Organiser II videos are of course (here)

MartinP has his Rampak reader writer (Github) and (hackaday)

I'll add others below as I gather the links..
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