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Original books, manuals and leaflets that members are willing to loan to other members.
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1st Offering from Martin

It occurred to me that our members might have original books, manuals and leaflets that they are willing to loan to fellow members.

I realise that most are available in PDF format elsewhere but there is nothing like a physical book that you can take with you on a trip for example.

Book Title (author etc) - Available from member (PM to share address details)
PSION Organiser II - Operating Manual - Psion > from Martin
PSION Organiser II - Programming Manual - Psion > from Martin
PSION Organiser II - Comms Link Manual - Psion > from Martin
PSION Organiser II - Pocket Spread Sheet Manual - Psion > from Martin
Using and Programming the PSION ORGANISER II by Mike Shaw > from Martin
Cover_Organiser using.jpg
WIDGET Filemaster manual - WIDGET Software > from Martin
The Sinclair Story - Rodney Dale > from Martin (granted not a Psion book)
The Sinclair Story.jpg
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