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Welcome to Organiser2.com!

Post by psion »

"Organiser2.org" seems inactive... welcome to "Organiser2.com".

For your information, "PSION.one" has been reserved, is functional and automatically redirected to "Organiser2.com". This name may possibly be used in the future for new options...

We will try to continue to give life to our passions but above all to share everything directly or indirectly related to the PSION Organiser II (including model 1 of course). Have fun!

PS: This site is being reorganized. Thank you for your patience, it will be updated shortly.


... Une section en français est aussi disponible. Profitez-en !

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Post by Martin »

With thanks to Yves we have reached the first anniversary of this revised Organiser II Forum..

For our newer members and those interested there is a History of the Organiser II on-line resources (here)

Many happy returns