Private messaging in phpBB forums

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Private messaging in phpBB forums

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Further to fzgrommit's and other's observations regarding Private Messages 'sitting' in the out box.

When you 'send' a PM the recipient is notified that they have a message next time they log on. If they open their PM 'folder' the message is moved from your outbox to their inbox. phpBB say this to ensure the sender knows when the recipient has 'logged on' and opened their PM 'folder'. As it may be months before they next log on if it is still in your outbox you can be sure they haven't seen it yet, leave it there and they'll get it next time they log on. The recipient will see the date stamp on the message.

(November) I have one that has been in my outbox for over six months as they haven't logged on since May.

Sincerely Martin
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