Just bought RamPack 256K ...

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Re: Just bought RamPack 256K ...

Post by Yves »

Hi Pierre, yes, thanks for sharing too.


About what we do with these old devices, it's more of a hobby to remember times past, our childhood, but also to do what we didn't have time to do a long time ago (I speak for myself of course). But it is also a tool for work and pleasure. For collectors, it's a bit of a trace of history and being able to compare what was once high technology.

There is always something to learn from our past. This Organizer 2 had a personality, this case was unique and robust, built to last. Can we say the same thing about our electronic devices today?
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Re: Just bought RamPack 256K ...

Post by thesourcerer »

Interesting update on the Psion use in Bach Flower remedies! Chris Pulster is selling an XP in his online store and mentions that they are still in use.
I sold a P464 to a German Apotheke address recently, which made me wonder if it was used for that purpose. The Apotheke sold Bach flower extracts. :x
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Re: Just bought RamPack 256K ...

Post by Zenerdiode »

I agree with you @yves - programming my PSION is instead of crossword or sudoku puzzles. It also peels back 30ish years.
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OPL Programmers

Post by Martin »

Calling OPL Programmers

Don't forget the snippets section if you write a routine/function you're particularly pleased with.

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