BIG Psion Org 2 bundle

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Re: BIG Psion Org 2 bundle

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The contents were
5 RO2 cases, normal 25pin connectors on 3 of them and 2 with miniature 8 pin IP64 connectors, all normal versions showing the Comms menu. One was missing the keyboard. The screens are showing the usual polycarbonate cracks and could do with acrylic replacement screens, and most showing scratches and signs of site use, but the keyboards show little wear.
4 x 32k Rampacks (to be converted to replaceable batteries).
2 x 64k Rampacks, working but I suspect the batteries will need replacing soon. I may get them converted to replaceable batteries.
2 x 128k flash datapacks. 2 x32k datapacks and a 16k datapack.
3 x 64k datapacks and one 128k datapack with NSS XP software (Road Engineer)
2 x 4 line Comms Links
Formulator datapack
Thesaurus & Spell check datapack
9 x XPs, all grotty.
1 x LZ64 in good condition
1 x Formatter (UV eraser)
Various 25 pin to 9 pin cables, 1 x 25 pin to 9 pin to USB. 1 x 8pin mini to 9 pin to 25 pin (!)
2 x leather cases
All datapacks and Rampacks are blank apart from the NSS ones.
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