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Just joined

Post by WallyEmm »

New member here, so hello folks. I recently bought an Organizer II XP in very nice condition. It came with a few bonuses, including the RS-232 Comms Link and a clean 64K Datapak. Now all I have to do is figure out a use for it. I have no history with Psion, I just recently learned about the Organizer II, and being a sucker for old technology here we are.

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Re: Just joined

Post by amenjet »


I'm sure you will find a use for it. I use my LZ for note taking and it has replaced a paper notebook. the comms link also has a nice serial comms
terminal for attaching to RS232 devies if you have any of them..

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Re: Just joined

Post by Martin »

Hi Wally

You'll notice I've created a 'New users - getting started' thread in this welcome section.. If you didn't get a manual then there is a link there to the republished manuals section.. Useful for getting to grips with Comm Link

Sincere welcome
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