Datapak Storage Magazine

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Datapak Storage Magazine

Post by Martin »

Peter suggested I should offer these Datapak Storage Magazines / Cassettes on line...

I've knocked up a couple and offer them here as a 'DIY Project' to forum members on a first come first served basis. If there is a demand I might be able to knock up a few more.

They are supplied 'flat pack' as shown in the assembly instructions (here). They are not for profit but I need to reimburse for the material, cutter and postage so I thought £4.00 should cover it.

If you are interested you can PM me and we'll get it together.

Sincerely and in good Faith
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Re: Datapak Storage Magazine

Post by Zenerdiode »

I saw this on one of your PSION videos, Martin :)

PM sent…
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Re: Datapak Storage Magazine

Post by Daren »

Very nice Martin!

These would look great sprayed Psion grey and the text infilled with yellow epoxy or similar. When I get one I will try it.
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Re: Datapak Storage Magazine

Post by Bumblemittens »

Very nice Martin, I 3d printed something similar some time ago when I found out data packs don't Jenga very well, Shaun
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Re: Datapak Storage Magazine

Post by raptornet »

I recently received one of Martins storage magazines, just thought I'd leave a little review :D

In a nut shell, they are great! Before cutting the pieces off their spruces, make sure you have a cutting mat or some sort of thick material underneath, otherwise you'll wreck your counter top. This is especially important if like me you are doing DIY in the kitchen and don't wish to trigger "wife rage", this can be very bad for your health and in some case cause loss of limbs :lol:

I did accidently snap part of mine, but luckily it was in a place that's hidden from view once construction is completed. This wasn't down to bad design but more user error and not following the instructions properly.

Considering I previously had my datapaks scattered across all four corners of my desk drawer, this storage solution is a blessing. At last all my paks are together in a single spot, not to mentioned when I travel with my Psion2, the paks won't be rolling around in my rucksack like a bunch of loose marbles Hurray!
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